November 2021 archive

shoot like Aron Siskind

I like this work my Aron Siskind because it has a lot of texture and contrast. The white and black made more nice because it showed more detail to the photo. It seems like it took at of time for him to take the photo and editing because it looked nice and drawed my attention.

Am I Talking to Myself

The creative I’ve done for am i talking to myself wasn’t any inspiration well kind of was. Just thought of it in my head the minute i first heard were doing this work. I just thought of because I didn’t see other people do it and just though of it as a chance. Just thought of the person filling up there water and having other people wait in a line. Didn’t know what the people have to wait for and do something while they wait. I looks like the person takes long so the other people do something else to kill time while their waiting. I just wanna get it over with and didn’t have any other idea except this one. Just got this because i see people waiting to get water during passing period. If i wouldn’t thought of this idea i wouldn’t of any other ideas and will just get lost in thoughts. So i hope this idea will be good it was just a simple one not exciting.

Studio Portraits