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model: T6i/ Aperture: 5184×3456/ shutter speed: 1/200 sec / ISO: 400/ 55mm/ f: 1/20

Mode: T6i/ Aperture:5184×3456/ F:1/20 /shutter speed: 1/200 sec / ISO: 400 / 28.00 mm

Mode: T6i/ Aperture 5184×3456? F: 1/20/ 28.00 mm/ shutter speed: 1/200 sec / ISO: 400

I looks good when it was taking in the ground and right angel. The shadow gives it good texture. The light looks like it was a sunset and that the shadow was seen more clearly. The ground looks cool with it’s pattern. The side of the picture looks god has shadow and light. the people in the photo like a a shadow too. They took a good photo and took the shutter speed low. You could also see in the back there are two other shadows. They made the photo look cool and didn’t darken it. The light in the back makes it better and shows better.

Composition photo’s


Canon: T6i/ F: 18/ Exposure: 1/60/ ISO-400/ FL: 41mm
Canon: T6i/ F: 18/ Exposure: 1 /125/ ISO-400/ FL: 32mm
Canon: T6i/ f/18/ Exposure: 1/400/ ISO-400/ FL: 30
I love how it caught my attention and i couldn’t stop looking at it how it makes me feel calm and relax. the water on the rose makes it pop out and show a lot of texture to it. How it amazes me on hoe beautiful it is and how it was taken. Also love how this rose pops up so many ways. It shows how the detail of the water on the rose and how you could only pay attention to the rose. How the rose color is not to bright and not to dark how the shadow is done well. How the rose seems refresh and soothing. How they blurry the background for they can show how the rose is perfection.

What I learned about camera exposure and camera modes.

The aperture controls the area of which light could enter the camera. People would say ” stopping down” or “opening up” because that’s the way they say when there going to increase it or decrease f-stop the lenses to say it polity. Shutter speed is when either the camera sensor will be opened or closed to the incoming light. The shutter speed is a tool for helping you freeze and show emotion. You can’t have shake hands because the shutter speed catches the motion. The ISO shows you have sensitive when light is incoming to the camera. ISO is commonly used increase because it will cause image noise. Camera exposure modes is the one that aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are chosen to given exposure.