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Pop Art

I don’t know who the Artist is for this work.

Pop Art is an art movement and you can create anything that is popular with Pop Art. An you get to create into different colors and make many creation with them. Is considered Pop Art because it pops out and show many colors. Because you can do anything with Pop Art and he just make a simple thing pop out and it caught my attention.

HDR Landscape

I like them and i tried to make it seem cool took a while to edit it and seems cool. I like the 3rd one because it looks real and i just found a random dark cloud from online and was a little picky on choosing the clouds because some of them don’t look right in some of my work.

shoot like Aron Siskind

I like this work my Aron Siskind because it has a lot of texture and contrast. The white and black made more nice because it showed more detail to the photo. It seems like it took at of time for him to take the photo and editing because it looked nice and drawed my attention.

Am I Talking to Myself

The creative I’ve done for am i talking to myself wasn’t any inspiration well kind of was. Just thought of it in my head the minute i first heard were doing this work. I just thought of because I didn’t see other people do it and just though of it as a chance. Just thought of the person filling up there water and having other people wait in a line. Didn’t know what the people have to wait for and do something while they wait. I looks like the person takes long so the other people do something else to kill time while their waiting. I just wanna get it over with and didn’t have any other idea except this one. Just got this because i see people waiting to get water during passing period. If i wouldn’t thought of this idea i wouldn’t of any other ideas and will just get lost in thoughts. So i hope this idea will be good it was just a simple one not exciting.

Studio Portraits

Photojournalism: Candid Moments with Captions

On P.E in the football field i took this photography. There boys playing soccer to see what team wins. As you can see the two boys fighting for the ball and see the ball flew a little. I took this because it seems interesting people play and how i you see to pole at the end i think it would seem a little good

In a elective room in piano see there’s two girls playing piano seems peaceful. I choose this photography because it looks good and the girl with the one braid hair is in her own thoughts and the other girl in the back looks like she just enjoying her time. They were playing a song her teacher told to.

This was inside of P.E they were taking photo’s of people that didn’t do picture day and had to make up for them. They are all in their own business and doing their thing. I choose it because i just liked it that’s didn’t think any of it just seem people doing what there supposed to do.



  • Natural light
  • Black and white photography
  • landscapes
  • Lighting set up for photographing headshots
  • better shooting of Urban portraits
  • Using a reflector in a different way and why its better to use it
  • wide-angle portraits
  • Pose angle body to make portraits better
  • Chose a good location to take portraits
  • Create to Catch light in your natural light portraits

White Balance

White Balance is use for when you get your colors in your images as good as possible. It shows how when you take a photo and when it’s dark it makes it lighter and like popping out. There are ranges of a very cool light and a very warm light but have to adjust of how you normally see them. You have to set your auto by making a best shot and help for many situations and Tungsten and Fluorescent are basically the same just Fluorescent is a mode for like a light to change the setting to a cool light or a bright light and Tungsten is when you take a picture and if it is really bright they change the image to cools the colors. Cloudy is when the setting warms up the images when you take photos and adds more light. Shade is when they make the light a cooler color to shade and take photos to make the images a little cooler. White Balance helps the picture look more good image and makes it pop out. It helps you pic settings to make your images look better.

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