1. While Raw files are bigger because they contain a great amount of data image, JPEG images are likely compressed down into a smaller file which will be easier to share.
  2. Raw is bigger
  3. Yes and no because it will show bad effect because it will affect the quality and your converting to a lossy formant. Also Raw files contain high amount of detail then JPEG. Converting a file to JPEG means compressing the detail into smaller file size which will be less space to storage space data images.
  4. I would shoot both if i can because Raw holds a lot of detail but take less photos, but JPEG you could take many shoots if you want but if the customer want’s higher quality i could give them that.




They good composition because they all have a leading line makes you wanna walk to it.


Lewis Hine a photographer that share of his working time and helped fight against child labor

for a full decade between 1908 and 1918. I picked this photographer because i only know him because I did a project with about him and he helped save children’s from labor and that’s cool and it wasn’t made for children’s to work at a young age so am proud that he help stop child labor. He even put his life in risk to save those children’s for them to be able to get freedom. And spend his time and had a hard to but go through it saving those children’s out of labor. And he never regretted it and said “I am sure I am right in my choice of work. My child labor photos have already set the authorities to work to see if such things can be possible, They try to get around the issue by crying forgery, but that is the value of the dates and the witnesses”. He visited a great number of children’s workplace’s all over the country throughout 1916 to 1917 and traveled more than 50,000 miles for this purpose. He first gathered information as much as possible and try his best into finding out the living conditions and he described the circumstances under which the children were forced to work. He even used his button jacket to determine the age and height of those children’s.




What i used for both of my pictures are contrast and used posturize to make it like a kind of realistic but in a cartoon. I used Hue/Saturation to make it lightly to make it kind of a normal day. and i also used color/balance to make the color even and made a little texture to it in both mostly the first on and more Saturated then the second one.

Poetry and Your Photography

I chose this photography because throughout my life i been reading books it help me learn new things. I chose the words because the words are true and it also help my mind and help me open my mind that there are a lot of new things you could learn for a book and will help you throughout life. How i think the audience to interpret by going to read books and learning new things that they never known of.

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