White Balance

White Balance is use for when you get your colors in your images as good as possible. It shows how when you take a photo and when it’s dark it makes it lighter and like popping out. There are ranges of a very cool light and a very warm light but have to adjust of how you normally see them. You have to set your auto by making a best shot and help for many situations and Tungsten and Fluorescent are basically the same just Fluorescent is a mode for like a light to change the setting to a cool light or a bright light and Tungsten is when you take a picture and if it is really bright they change the image to cools the colors. Cloudy is when the setting warms up the images when you take photos and adds more light. Shade is when they make the light a cooler color to shade and take photos to make the images a little cooler. White Balance helps the picture look more good image and makes it pop out. It helps you pic settings to make your images look better.

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