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This all about me i like the background of dark and white clouds. As you can see i like metal, rock music shows what band they are and how i like the album of three days of grace it looks cool. The guy in the mask is a person in a show called money heist. It’s a very good show that am even waiting for the season 5 part 2 to come out ad very happy. It talks about criminals that had a harsh life and one of an intellect member brought them together to rob a bank and has sad, frustrating, happy, relive like many emotions.

I love butterfly as you can see they are beautiful and have many colors. They make me distracted and caught my eyes a lot and how many different kinds of butterfly are cool. Rock music makes me feel so many emotion that’s why i like rock and regret not listening to it when i was younger. They are very good singers and good vocals and bring so many emotions to their song and put effort and make me motived on the things i want to do. i love lil peep’s so it also brings a lot of emotion and is not rock nor metal i love his tattoos but sadly he died at such a young age.

You see the anime manga character that looks so what crazy he is my favorite character from a anime and manga. I could so what relate to him and that’s what i like about him and how his lead is in the anime and manga. And, the anime name is called “Tokyo ghoul” as you can see the logo looks like a galaxy logo. It looks cool and like the opening of their song and love the plot of the story. so this all you will know about me there’s more but can’t fit in anymore hope you enjoy this. 🙂

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